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Then he Prayed: "O" my RABB I have indeed Wronged my soul , Please Forgive me, So ALLAH forgave him Surely He is the Forgiving , The Merciful...(Al-Quran)

Allah’s Messenger (pbuh) said: Two words are light on the tongue and weigh heavily in the balance, and are loved by the most merciful one: Subhaanal-lahi wa bihamdi, Subhaanal-laahil Adheem. Glory to Allah and praised is he. Glorified is Allah the Most great. Al-Bukhari 7/168, Muslim 4/2072.

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the show must are not GOD(i am saying this to GOD'S creations)i am not GOD.i bear witness that there is no GOD but ALLAH and muhammed is the messenger of ALLAH.YA RABB mein inki qurbani dungi in sha ALLAH.YA RABB i beg for forgiveness,help,mercy and janatulfirdose,mujhe najaat dede is azaab wali zindagi se,is naseeb se,please save me from the hellfire,from angels of wrath from their naseeb their wahi,in this life and afterlife.GOD is enough,ameen.