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Lilacs in a Basket - Photo by Georgianna Lane Freeze dried lilac petals available in many colors from Flyboy Naturals

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Brain Pictures

Neurons have different shapes depending on their functions. Interneurons carry information between motor and sensory neurons. Sensory neurons carry information to the central nervous system. Motoneurons carry signals from the central nervous system to the muscles, skin, and glands and pyramidal neurons are involved with motor control and cognitive ability. health.howstuffwo...

An introduction to SEO. What, Why, and How. #seo #seotips search engine optimization optimisation tips and tricks #infographic

Just a 17 year old Ashkenazi & Sephardi Jewish cis male scum who is an Alt-Right Shitposter....


hornorivory: Photographs of wild cockatoos by...

hornorivory:Photographs of wild cockatoos by Leila Jeffreys from her series Bioela.

I had to scroll through these about 3 times. Wow! We really do overuse the word Awesome nowadays don’t we?

Ridiculous puppy dog #cuteness is highly necessary on the Sunday before the first week back to school!! Come check out my tumblr blog for more cutie puppies and other inspiring images. :)

The evolution of #communication: drums and pigeons through Twitter and smartphones. #infographic

The evolution of #communication: drums and pigeons through Twitter and smartphones. #infographic