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Yuri On Ice

omg hanatamago is so cute

omg hanatamago is so cute<< can. can we talk about "French military"? My god. This pup is too cute

Hetalia my favourite characters

Hetalia my favourite characters< close enough

Countries and children. Hetalia Headcanons.  This would be a great cheat sheet on how to write the characters in this instance.

My mom is Prussia and my dad is Germany. I have Awesome parents!

hetalia spain - Google Search

hetalia spain - Google Search

The awesome Prussia!

You open the door to see the over confident Prussian standing there with a perverted smile on his face."Gilbert, what do you want.

HRE / Chibitalia.  This hurts my heart a bit. :'3

Hetalia (ヘタリア) - The Holy Roman Empire & North Italy - Chibitalia

This will never get old! XD Looks like Alfred could use a hero lol! I'm coming!!! :D #hetalia

This will never get old XD<---America's face XD and then England XD this is precious and amazing!