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Figuring Out What Guys Want Shouldn’t Be So Fucking Confusing - The Bolde

Harry Potter Films Vs. Twilight Films. Harry Potter FTW!!!!!!

Harry Potter Films Vs. Twilight Films. Harry Potter FTW!!!!!!

Beliebers vs. Jared Padalecki - It keeps getting funnier! I hate that little whiny bastard. I hope his 10 years is up soon and the hell hounds come for him... <<< Repinning for the comment. I hope so too. And I hope it was Crowley that made the deal and I hope he took pictures for proof...

It's because Sam didn't have to mature early, he didn't have to deal with all that sh*t till later. But Dean...Dean's been the adult of the family his whole life. (Forgive me, I'm not good at wording things, but you get the point, right?)

Batman vs God (x-post /r/batman) (xpost)


Here Are 16 Pieces Of Undeniable Proof That America Is Really Weird. #14 Is Hilarious.

"I mean look at it, its spiky like a pine tree, and it's a fruit like an apple so Pine-Apple. Deal with it."

I'm not even going to comment on the pic. I'm to used to the fandom's weirdness...

Good friends hug a crying friend, best friends video them ;) LOL Taemin

Trump is clearly insane as it gets closer to the election date he seems to care less about actually getting elected