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Teacup Pomeranian. I have no words for the cuteness...

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Double Dose Cuteness

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All creatures have the capability of feeling and showing emotions

Dolphins Jumping: "This Foursome REALLY are truly AWESOME!" (Photo Taken Off The Coast of Honduras.)

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Animal Planet on Twitter

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Bottlenose Dolphins, Caribbean Sea Near Roatan, Honduras

I remember as a kid developing a love for Dolphins. Something about them just fascinates me and makes me feel calm and at peace when I watch them swim around. They are the smartest animals on the planet in my opinion. Anytime I come across a documentary on Animal Planet or Discovery I have to immediately watch it. A dream of mine is to someday swim with them on a Carribean Vacation.

Bye hoomans, my planet needs me
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Bye hoomans, my planet needs me

cats doing crazy things. Bye hoomans, my planet needs me! :D

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35 Beautiful Examples Of Animals Photography

White-eared Sibia -Heterophasia auricularis Taiwan Endemic. Food is primarily nectar, flowers, berries.An unmistakable, med-sized, 23 cm arboreal babbler.Crown black; distinctive white lore, eye-ring and broad eye-stripe, extending backwards and ending in long spreading filamentous plumes. Throat, breast back gray; rest of underparts pinkish-cinnamon; lower back, rump and upper tail coverts orange rufous. Tail, black tipped white. Sexes similar. Iris, brown; bill, black; legs, pink.