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SKINNY WRAPS! LOOSE INCHES IN 45min! NO JOKE! Itworks! Wraps are amazing! Personal experience with wrapping I have lost 3 pants sizes. toner, tighter, skinnier. LOVE THEM! Wraps are 25$ each. If you sign up to be a loyal customer and agree to purchase 1 thing a month for 3 months (vitamins, wraps, facials, weight loss pills etc) the company gives you a discount and the wraps are 59$ for 4. if you don't sign up to be a loyal customer then the price is 25 + shipping ea per wrap. To become a…

ItWorks Wraps, I'm a distributor for itworks. Your probably thinking no way, but yes way. This is only after 1 wrap. A treatment contains 4 wraps for 59.00. Visit my website at or give me a call at 239 269 4139. I will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have. Visit my fb at xobarajas02@live. com

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ItWorks! Wraps sale ends tonight! I am proud to announce my boutique has joined with the ItWorks! Brand to add even more awesome products to our ever growing inventory! We partnered together just in time in order to take advantage of an amazing sale! Wraps are currently BOGO 8 wraps (2 boxes) for the price of 4 (1 box)!! Please visit my site for more info!!!! Accessories

ITWorks wraps give real results to real people! *This is me before wraps and then after 4 wraps! Wow, the results speak for themselves! 1=treat, 4=treatment, 12=procedure! Visit me at To start your own transformation!