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naturallynina: Homemade cruelty-free pizza is definitely the best kind a crispy buckwheat-spelt base topped with pumpkin, mushroom, tomato, kale, spring onion, zucchini, fresh herbs + nooch Recipe will be in my upcoming Ebook! x ( IG: @naturally_nina_ )

naturallytess: Super simple and nutritious dinner tonight + snuggling under blankets and watching movies Heaps of rice noodles underneath an easy stir fry (carrot, bean sprouts, onion, garlic, maple syrup, sweet soy sauce), lettuce, tomato and avocado Fitness Blog

How can a foot rub help you recover from surgery?

Reflexology. Tops of feet: have reflex zones for Lymph Drainage in Lungs Chest, so important to Breast health. Bottoms of feet: relate mostly to Colon, and internal organs of Abdominal region

Con la reflexología podal se puede enviar mensajes a lo largo del sistema nervioso a todas las zonas del cuerpo y el cerebro ya que las zonas reflejas de los pies son de 5 a 20 veces más sensibles que los propios órganos.

Pain Relief In The Palm Of Your Hand And Feet With This Fast And Easy Technique in5d in 5d body mind soul spirit