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Yeah lets do that. Take a good look and what you are up against. Yup. They call ita fly swatter. Problem is you need a good strong thumb for it to be effective. I have one-you don't. I have a fly swatter-you don't. You do the math.

This was so special Ash sang a special song just for mikey on his b'day awww

As soon as I looked at this picture my mind instantly thought about the first line of the 1D song, Nobody Compares... YOU'RE SO PRETTY WHEN YOU CRY...WHEN YOU CRY~ Eomma is so beautiful...even when he's in tears. -@BeautyandthePoet

Is he? He is even smoller than Jimin. No this too precious

[12.03] I thought this was so cute to throw in and I love how Dean got so excited that he was like his mom (,: . QOTD: if your parents were supernatural characters- based on your personality, who would your parents be? . Aotd: probably sam and charlie . . . If you haven't already, be sure to click the link in my bio and download Showgo! The app is an interactive way for the spnfamily worldwide to watch, react, and share with other fans! I use the app every week with my followers and…

Well it’s BAKING SEASON…so we thought we would put together a cute set of Free Printable Baking Conversion Charts in 2 different sizes…5X7 and 8X10.  So if you are from the US like I am and you pick up a cookbook or a recipe on line and you need some handy conversions it will be …

K people can hate but I thought they both so cute in this episode and I think they had fun, which is something they both needed because how often do you see character smile in this show??? not often so like let it be