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End of Year Gifts for Students

These end of your gifts and free printables are perfect for students.

Worksheets, task cards and printables to help school counsellors, classroom teachers, and SPED professionals manage behaviour.

Identifying Anger Printable

A great resource to tach students how to identify anger. A set of printables to help your students identify what their anger triggers are. These are also great at helping kids identify how anger feels in their body.

Easy Sight Words Printables: A, An, Am, All, And

5 printables to help your students learn their basic sight words. Included is 3 work sheets, one game, and a set of flash cards.

Portable Student Emotional Regulation Cards

This is a set of task cards that can be cut out and laminated. They include: 18 Emotions that can be used to help students learn what different feelings look

Student Communication Cards

These student behaviour cards are designed to help with classroom management. If students are needing help they can discreetly hand you one of these cards to notify you of their concern or need. Included in this download is: A teacher instruction sheet 10 student communication cards- to be used by your students 1 teacher communication card- to be handed out by you Each card has a front and a back, with a place to record the student's name so you can track which students give you cards.

Fact and Opinion Review Presentation

This review presentation is great for helping your students identify facts and opinions.This is meant as a quick review, or to be used in combination with something like my Fact or Opinion Printables.

Feelings Bingo

This Bingo game was created to help my students identify different feelings. The feelings covered are: embarrassed, excited, frustrated, jealous, pleased, sick, surprised, tired, worried, angry, bored, disappointed, happy, confused, proud, sad, scared and silly. This download includes 18 feelings cards (to be used by the teacher while playing the game) and 5 bingo cards.

Brain Breaks with an Easter Twist

BRAIN BREAK: Have your students caught spring fever yet? Symptoms include wiggles, incomplete work, and frequent tattles. If so, it is time to incorporate more brain breaks in your day. Movement helps cure spring fever. FREE printable.