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Today's view from the train on the way to Universal Studio Japan!!! I'm soooo excited for Harry Potter Land! by yinagoh

Lindsey Stirling at Harry Potter Land - Wow she looks alot like brook in this picture.... :I :o :O :D ;D

from Skreened

After all this time? Always. | T-Shirt

After all this time? Always. This. Is. Perfect.!!! Someone please get me this!!! :D <3

Harry Potter You wonderful, wonderful person! Your mother is amazing! :D

Pottermore: 5 Reasons Why You Should Find Yourself a Slytherin BFF || Slytherin often gets a bad rap, but there are times in life when having a cunning, ambitious, hardworking (and definitely not conniving and deceitful) best friend comes in handy.

Dans l'univers d'Harry Potter | Nathalie Collard | Royaume-Uni

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You'll never guess who this is...EVANNA LYNCH!!! :D With her autographed copy of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire! :D Love her! Look how cute she looks!