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After an awkward dinner, George drops Norma off at home.
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Norma Bates ~ Bates Motel ~ Gif
Sara watches the 100 || The 100 season 1 episode 1 || Finn Collins, Clarke Griffin (and Bellamy Blake) || Thomas McDonell and Eliza Jane Taylor || Bellarke
" — if he only knew the things she could see." || Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin || Bellarke || The 100 || Bob Morley and Eliza Jane Taylor
1/12 - Shadow of a Doubt. S2 E2 - Bates Motel. Bradley is hiding in Norman's basement. She tells him she needs money for a bus ticket. He tells her he needs to know why before he can help - so she tells him she killed Gil for killing her dad.
The 100 crack || Bellamy Blake, Clarke Griffin and Dr Abby Griffin || Mulan crossover || Bellarke || Bob Morley, Eliza Jane Taylor and Paige Turco
Bates Motel. Prequel tv show to the Alfred Hitchcock movie Pyscho but set in present day. It's AMAZING.
#The100 4x04 "A Lie Guarded"
Bellamy's thoughts in 4x06 LOL #funny #the100 "Clarke ... si je ne te vois plus ..." - Bellamy "Non, vous le ferez." - Clarke "Merde, Clarke ! Je ne finis même pas la phrase, Clarke" "Juste pour finir" "Tu m'as interrompu" "Allons y !" "Nous allons tous mourir bientôt ... laisse moi terminer" "Non ? D'accord" "Je t'aime" - Clarke