Scale is an important factor when deciding on custom framing. Because of the how these four frames fill the wall space, it makes for a great focal point in this bedroom. | Coastal Living

Dark frames can add contour and depth to your art.

Off the foyer, a study exudes masculinity with stained paneling and built-in bookcases. Twin leather armchairs and an ottoman gather in front of a fireplace. Above, an artist's rendering of sand dunes adds one more view of the shore. (Photo: Photo: Jean Allsopp;)

There is always more than one way any piece of #art can be framed. The color, style and size of the room where it will hang may be a factor. The piece on the left may appeal to someone with a small room, while the design on the right may be more appropriate for a person who appreciates fine details and has more wall space to fill.

Pastels are like chalk. Always use a mat with a reverse bevel or a spacer. Tiny pieces will flake off, and be hidden using this technique.

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