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WWII Enigma Cipher Machine.  This highly important three-rotor Enigma deciphering machine was used by the Nazis during World War II. It is believed that acquisition of an Enigma, and the subsequent deciphering of the German codes by the Allies, shortened the war in Europe by at least two years. Examples of Enigma machines are exceptionally rare and almost all known models are in museums.
Street style at the Bright and Seek trade shows in Berlin [Photo: Kuba Dabrowski]
Is this Taylor Swift? no its becky...this makes me like T Swift more
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dark reality, but love the cultural heartbeat represented by Berlin in this piece
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Victor Nunes will change the way you look at common-day things. Seriously, what a whimsical imagination he must have. Artist Victor Nunes turns everyday objects into sets of cute and quirky doodles. He launched his Facebook page only 2 weeks ago and it has already amassed over 4,000 followers. Its only message is in Portuguese which translates to “On this page you will find a bunch of little faces and other little things. And with great humor!” in English.