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Twisted Test Prep-- Learn how to play vocabulary relay-- such a fun way to review!

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Interactive Vocabulary Notebooks

Rupt - Break, Burst; Greek and Latin Roots, Prefixes and Suffixes Foldables; Greek and Latin Roots Interactive Notebook Activity by Lovin' Lit

I really like the Sand Diego Zoo kid site... really fun 30 sites for students who finish early. Something for everyone!

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Prefix Word Study

prefix reference posters- easy to read. Perfect to display during your word studies! So many other great ideas for teaching prefixes in this post as well.

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What a fun idea! Give each student a sheet of...

Great end of year gift to students :) What a fun idea! Give each student a sheet of paper with every classmate's name on it. They have to write a nice sentence about everyone, then each student has 20+ nice things written about him or her. Some students don't hear about how great they are at home, so this can be a much-needed pep talk. Collect them all in a frame to preserve them. Kids will love hearing about how great they are from classmates.

Fun Review/Vocab Game I play this with my hs students all the time. I call it a "Snowball Fight." They LOVE it!

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7 Review Games that Won’t Waste Your Time

7 Classroom Review Games that Won't Waste Time | Teach 4 the Heart

This idea relates to the standard 18.C.1 Describe how individuals interacted within groups to make choices regarding food, clothing and shelter. The poster stresses the difference between what a need is and what a want is. More

12 Power Words Students Should Learn #vocabulary