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Strawberry frosting scented heart cookie necklace handmade from polymer clay by Tiny Hands. So adorable and super cute, perfect for her birthday gift!

from Etsy

Kawaii Polymer Clay Sugar Cookie Charm Necklace

Kawaii Polymer Clay Sugar Cookie Charm Necklace by CharmsByIzzy

from Etsy

Kawaii Donut Charm Cute Polymer Clay Charm

ciambellina fimo

from Etsy

Pizza Cute Kawaii Food Polymer Clay Pendant Necklace

Kawaii Pizza Food Polymer Clay Pendant Necklace by DoodieBear, $9,00

from Etsy

Nutella skippy food polymer clay keychain with tiny knife and smeared bread miniature food jewelry

Nutella skippy Miniature food polymer clay keychain with by Zoozim, $21.00

from Etsy

Kawaii Charm (From "Kawaii Friday")

Etsy. Kawaii Charm (From "Kawaii Friday")

from Etsy

Kawaii Lollipop Dum Dum Pendant Polymer Clay Charm Silver Necklace

Kawaii Lolly Pop or DumDum Necklace Charm So easy!

from Tiny Hands

Scented Mint Chocolate Cupcake Necklace

Mint chocolate chip - the perfect combination for any cupcake lover! This scented mint chocolate cupcake necklace is super adorable and smells just like the real thing! Kids will love this, but adults eat cupcakes too you know!

from Etsy

Food Jewelry Lemonade Necklace, Lemonade Pendant, Pitcher, Jug, Miniature Food, Handmade Jewelry, Mini Food Jewelry, Miniature Bottle Kawaii

Lemonade Miniature Pendant Necklace - Miniature Food Jewelry,Handmade Jewelry,Mini Food Jewelry on Etsy, $27.24

from Etsy

Sterling Silver Old Fashioned Camera Necklace- Handmade by Rachel Pfeffer- Holga

adorable tiny camera necklace, complete with a little moonstone "flash."