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August has come and gone and September is almost over! For most of us, kids (or we) have been back in school for over a month. With school starting it also means germs, shared sickness and stress. Our popular Back-To-School kit is here but will soon be GONE! It comes with everything you need to take on a new school year. . This has become such an essential kit this time of the year. Get yours today before it is GONE for another year! You can save 10% by using the coupon code MHIGHLANDER

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Using Essential Oils to spark creativity and help concentration

Spark and Inspire Creativity with this diffusing blend using Peppermint, Lemon, Frankincense, rosemary. All Young living starter kit oils. YL member # 3177383

Check out these 5 Wonderful Diffuser Blends for Summer - more relevant than ever with the challenges of being back in school! | #essentialoil #essentialoils #diffuserblends

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ADD/ADHD: It's Not Just For Kids

Sonshine Hand Sanitizer ~ 6 drops Shield (Spark Naturals) or On Guard (doTerra), 4 Lemon, 3 Grapefruit, 2 Lavender, 2 Cinnamon, then fill the 1oz spray bottle with Witch Hazel. (I add a little aloe Vera gel to mine & add a vit E capsule).

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12 Thieves Oil Uses for Everyday Living

ZAQ Dew activates your senses to soothe and invigorate your mind, body, and spirit. ZAQ uses LiteMist Technology to break up the blending of essential (or fragrant) oil and water into mist of micro-particles and disperses them into the air. Benefit from

Jeddy's Blend - A natural alternative for ADD, ADHD and Anxiety. I don't think we could get through our schooling this year without it! My busy boys will even ask for it if they are having trouble focusing on their school work! Get 10% off every order with coupon code: thenomadlife #essentialoils #homeschool