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Creation's Journey to Life: Day 359: Pricing and Labeling in Equal Money Capitalism Profit-Share (Part Two)

8 Instagram accounts from Africa you should be following

Everyday Africa @everydayafrica by Peter DiCampo and Austin Merrill - The Everyday Africa Project

31 Pics And Gifs That Are Just So Satisfying

On Semi-Hiatus because everything sucks! happy blogging! Call me Kells or Bucks! This Blog Contains Adult Content Mostly Marvel but Multi fandom and Social Justice rolled into one....

Ziplining in the 1920s.

rust and stainless cleaner-rubbed a slice of lime on my pots, let it sit 10 minutes, sprinkled salt on them and then rubbed with a scouring pad.

Tag 61 – Lügner Charakter Selbst-Korrektur (Liar Character Self-Correction)

347 | Self Commitment & Desteni I Process

FREE Song by Joao Jesus in tribute to Bernard Poolman. Lyrics: You might be gone, But you're with me in every step I take. You might have passed on, But you're still with me in every bound I break.

Day 118: Equal Money System vs. Playing the Lottery