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If you are going to get anywhere in life, you have to read a lot of books...

Oh-kay then... A good example of how anything can be a dangerous weapon, and how Tumblr has many people I never want to fight.

from Reformation Acres

~Your Questions: Where To Start

So you've got a new homestead & can't wait to get begin living your dream! Here's some good advice to on where to get started.

from Camping For Foodies

Dutch Oven Temperature Chart

Dutch Oven Temperature Chart! Guide For Desired Cooking Temperatures, Number Of Charcoal Briquettes Needed. Using a Dutch oven temperature chart as a guide to achieve desired cooking temperatures is half the battle when cooking in the great outdoors! It’s part art and part science … so, let’s start the charcoal and get cooking! Tips to deal with Wind, Air Temperature, Altitude, Humidity, Cooking Methods and More!

Never put the key to your happiness in somebody else's pocket #quotes #inspiration

from Michael Hyatt

Advice to First Time Authors

You have a killer idea but you're frustrated trying to get published. Here's my advice.

We have so much to learn from trees!!!

from MyDomaine

This Checklist Will Turn a Great Idea Into a Successful Business

Everything you need to do before starting a business