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"Zuni POSTERS Butterly Folk Art" by Renee Lozen, Palm Harbor // Fun Native American folk art made for the gals and kids :) // -- Buy stunning fine art prints, framed prints and canvas prints directly from independent working artists and photographers.

1.They first traced around a circle, then added fun patterns. 2.Outlined with a sharpie, colored in the shapes with construction paper crayons. 3. Added patterns onto copper tooling,(using the silver side to look like a mirror) 4. Glued down the mirror, and added sequins.

$17.99 per yard! Scandinavian Retro Modern Folk Art Bird Leaves Black Trees Branches Linen Texture Heavy Cotton Fabric Drapery Fabric LHD115

Ms Maggie Mo's Australian Aboriginal hand project: spray hand with thinned white or black tempera, student paints dots with sticks. I showed 1988 Nat Geo Aborigine video of Gagadju Aborigines blowing paint from mouths over hands as part of ritual. Awesome video also shows artist making intricate bark painting.