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"I'm going to see what Supernatural is all about..." And that's the story of how my social life died.

How to melt shotgun shells for crafting: Preheat oven to 400 Lay out shotgun shells on baking sheet covered in foil (I did 4 at a time so they wouldn't cool before I got to them). Bake for 10 min. Remove from oven( the plastic part will have shriveled up) Using two sets of pliers push down on the plastic to start removing it from the metal. Hold on to the metal part with one of the pliers and pull on the plastic with the other set.(it should pull right out) Let them cool. Happy crafting!!

in a nutshell... I love you..... what a great idea to give your man or announce an engagement or outdoor wedding

As an INFP personality type, I'm often misunderstood. Comprising only 4% of the population, I’m an enigma to most. Here are some famous INFPs ...