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I pray that you allow what God has put in your heart to guide you more than what the world has put before your eyes.

The value of experience.....,My heart had the courage to stay open and that has only made me better!

There's so much value in experience. Rob Hill Sr putting things in perspective.

Choose to move slow, I have been known on more than one occasion to fall for a mans potential. Rob Hill Sr. He just gets it!

It hurts falling for untapped potential.this is all a narcissist can EVER be. Don't let them fool you. You will always be disappointed

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Overflowing with passion kind of love

Love doesn't lash out in anger, are you a pint lover it a gallon lover?

Rob Hill Sr  (Rainy: This isn't my typical encouragement however there are parts here I believe we could all be reminded of.)

"Waiting for the perfect timing is the fastest way to waste time" ain't that the fucking truth!

I needed to see this...timing, such an amazing thing

You can't change people or certain things. All you can change is yourself. No matter how much you want things to be different, it is often ultimately up to them, not you :(