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©2013 Amber Hartje - I made my own $5 earring holder! Super easy: 1. Go to your local Savers, thrift store, or yard sale. 2. Buy frame & a lace doiley (my frame was $2.99 & the doiley was $1.99 at Savers) 3. Place lace over the glass from the picture frame & tuck glass & lace back into frame. 4. Arrange earrings on lace & you have a stylish way to display your earrings. (Tip: Try to buy a lace doiley that is close to the same size as the picture frame glass.)

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Reuse an old picture frame as a practical serving tray:

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Tiny Red Sailboat on a Blue Green Sea in an Upcycled Glass Lightbulb, Sterling Silver Cap, One of a Kind Ornament. $42.00, via Etsy.

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