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13 Games to Play at This Year's Halloween Party

First, set up candy corn cones made out of construction paper and place a bowl on either end of the course—one empty and the other filled with candy corn. The objective is to fill your spoon with the candy, maneuver around the cones, dump the candy into the bowl on the other side, and race back to hand off the spoon to the next person in line. It's a fun way for your kids to run off all that sugar-induced energy. Get the tutorial at The Inspired Treehouse.

Made a Hershey Kiss hat for crazy hat day. Used brown construction paper to make a cone shape. Put foil around it and white paper for the tag. Simple, fun and cute. The hat next to a real candy.

Easy Thanksgiving Crafts to Decorate Your Home

Classic Cornucopia Add color and texture to your harvest table with a cornucopia spilling over with apples, dried corn, and shredded paper. Craft your own by folding a sheet of gift wrap or decorative paper into a cone shape and securing the edges with tape.

30 Fall Activities for Preschoolers

Fall sensory bin: dried corn kernels, mini pumpkins, mini maize, pinecones, nuts in the shell and half shells, sticks, fake leaves, rocks... mini construction trucks and tongs for "cranes" are fun too!