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Apple surprise - These look like lots of fun for the kids! Make sure to add some BBBC granola in with the fruit! ;-)

Designspiration — All sizes | Still Life with Apple | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

In claret-red palette of Bordeaux is the most difficult color that not only attracts and absorbs its depth. In order to restore balance in the picture and there are lighter, razbelennye shades of red, cream and beige calm and have a little inclusions dense greenery. Color excitingly-tart red wine - the color of passion. Burgundy dress on a girl or a dark red shirt men can be more informative and eloquent promise than the unspoken phrase.

more evisceration of the Daisy by Gruber at Daring Fireball ^^_!

Apple Qingyang Zhang representing fantastical art - eloquent & breathtaking. Gnomon

Review: Updated: Sling TV -> Features and FAQ Sling TV one day wants to kill cable off completely. How's it going to do it? Well it wants you to imagine everything you liked about cable (you probably enjoyed surfing the channels watching the shows people were talking about when they aired instead of months after and if you were lucky enough to own boxes of a certain caliber pausing and rewinding said TV shows in real time) without everything you hated (the…

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