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from BuzzFeed

Can You Make It Through This Post Of Hot Men Who Are Secretly Terrible?

I voted Elvis! "And finally, Marco is insanely wealthy, but he's bad in bed. Elvis is broke with no job, but he's amazing in bed."

Andrew Lincoln. Another favourite British actor if mine. An added inspiration is that even though this guy was born in London, he lives in my Hometown Hull in his childhood. This actor is now a Lead Actor in The Walking Dead. If I had to follow in anyone's footsteps it would be Andrew Lincoln. He is truly talented and an inspiration.

from HelloGiggles

You can make up your own LaCroix flavor with this online generator

So many good looking guys and not enough time to just look at them... Stop being so gorgeous

James Marsden. - Another variation on the hand-in-pocket & leaning pose. Using the wall for support allows him to easily put all his weight on one foot and still look relaxed.

from Berry

hot men: Guys with animals (30 photos)

This reminds us of Terry. His wife left him for another man and left him with her pug named bug!

Benedict Cumberbatch - yes I know just another version of the photo but it is too good not to pin again (and again), especially since some darling has kindly removed the horrendous overly blue photoshopping on his eyes that Vogue did. We like Ben's eyes the way they are, thank you.