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OMG THIS IS TOO CUTE<3 #babydirection

Aww look how adorable they are! So cute! And the babies too!) just kidding.

Day 1. Niall Horan is my favorite becuse he want everyone to feel beautiful. He's the care free MOFO that everyone needs. The best friend that everyone wants. He is extremely funny and will make you laugh wen your feel the worst. And has always stayed true to him self no matter what.  That and he's Niall Horan the Irish one.

Niall at the airport in Ireland. I'm SO happy he's home(: just look at that smile :')

Liam looks more worried than Louis!! :)

Liam looks more worried than Louis does! Haha AWh daddy direction will save you Louis!

And if this whole marry 1d doesn't work out, then obviously ill marry drake bell, if that fails hopefully I have a grandmother from Genovia that just happens to be their queen and she'll come to visit me and tell me I'm the rightful heir to the throne. Sp pretty much I'm Mia thermopolis ronaldi princess of Genovia.

Because if i stop thinking that, stop loving them and stop believeing i will meet them one day then my life is over.

Niall. I love you. You're adorable. But please never wear camo again. Sincerely, a fashion conscious fan.

Do you know him? Its Niall and he will be my friend's new boyfriend