Psychic Guild on Twitter: " #LIBRA #MonthlyHoroscope: The heavens will play host to several inconjunct aspects in July which tend to be in the neighborhood when misunderstandings arise. That said, if you have the feeling that you and a dear one are not seeing eye to eye and you can’t figure out why, table the matter until you’re sure you have all the facts, figures and info in front of you."

Universal Psychic Guild - Google+ #LIBRA: Your 5 #luckynumbers this week are: 2, 18, 23, 28 & 35 #WeeklyHoroscope May 23-29 2016

#WeeklyHoroscopes #LIBRA: Sometimes you simply have to step away from something or someone and give it some much needed breathing space to figure out what to do next. Over the next few weeks, Mercury retrogade gives you this cosmic gift by retrograding in your 8th house of intimacy, joint projects and resources. If you feel you have put a lot of work and details into something and that has not been reciprocated, ease up and see if the other person picks up the slack.

Learn what's in store for your #starsign #Libra this week in video format! Watch our Free Weekly #Horoscope Video for Libra - Psychic Guild - #YouTube

#WeeklyHoroscopes #Libra: You’re the cosmic pacifier Librans, and this week, you could feel as if you should be paid ’shrink’s wages’ – there’s so much dirt and dish you have to dispel between sparring signs. Most planetary play occurs in your 4th house of domesticity and home this week.

#WeeklyHoroscopes #LIBRA: It’s not going to necessarily be the week you had hoped for Librans, in that there is a lot going on and some of you may feel as if your good will is being sorely tested at times! The most important thing for you to know is that there is a New Moon in Aries on the 7th in your one on one relationship zone. (APRIL 4-10, 2016)

#Libra – May 9-15 2016, #WeeklyHoroscopes: In your past karma and subconscious zone, the return of Jupiter, the planet of excess and opportunity moves direct and could have many of you letting go of the old and ushering in the new and improved. Or something or someone from the end of 2015 could suddenly show up on your radar screen and this time, the offer on the table is much more appetizing.

#LIBRA #WeeklyHoroscopes - Your sign bids adieu to Venus this week, however Mars the planet of war and anger remains in your sign through the end of 2015. Mars has a difficult time asserting himself in your sign. After all you are the sign of peace and harmony and Mars is the exact opposite. - Psychic Guild - #YouTube

#Libra : The planets are insisting on it with Mars and Venus both shining in your sign. #DailyHoroscopes #Horoscope #ZodiacSigns

#Libra #DailyHoroscope - Nov 26, There is always more than one way to get your way and your answer!

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