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Both Sides - SnK

Both Sides - SnK

Marco... :'(

<<You've got to be kidding me. if it wasn't bad enough having to put up with new viewers making Marco jokes, we have to deal with the creator making them too.

Also in the, top pic Marco has freckles in tje second picture where he's... "died" he has no freaking freckles! Not one!

Explanation on how Marco is maybe still alive and maybe he's evil. The corpse doesn't have freckles as far as I can see/remember. Marco is well known for having freckles. Interesting theory either way.

Photoshop was used for the good... until at that day, in that terrible moment in our hearts, we knew (yes, this is suppose to be a SnK reference, terrible huh?). That when the Fandoms had photoshop, we knew it would be the  end of the world...

Levi should be a ballerina he would be a fabulous one to Someone should make Levi in a ballerina outfit doing his fabulous kick

Epic is an understatement. This is the reason why my favorite character is Eren.

Kay, this entire show basically DEFINES the word "epic"<<< But it really does. No exaggeration.

Levi .....

Anime/manga: SNK Characters: Levi and Eren, LOL The Wings of Freedom is actually the title of the chapter to SNK no Regrets. I died when I read this, here a rep in to all ma friends who watch snk.

Levi's Sequence - Opening

Levi's Sequence - Opening

At first I was like "Aaaw, so cute!!" Then when I got to the end I was like "NOOOOO WHY U GOTTA HURT ME LIKE THAT?!"

This is Cute but Sad.Levi smiled before he woke.Attack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin