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You have many choices in how you donate to charities. I hope you'll consider a mother's request that I race Ironman Texas for her son Josh who has an incurable disease, NF1. Go to the link on my blog to learn more about NF and make a donation. Thank you very much! Krissy thanks you too!

Absolutely!! Loving my journey of life and choices I've made. Looking forward to the adventures ahead.

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Sometimes a little inspiration is exactly what we all need (35 Photos)

... and don't I know it now for sure. It was all just about checking to see if I still love her, which I do... and or if I have moved on, which I haven't.

"That's whats so great about New York! A pair of new shoes with matching laces" "A permanent box at Sheepshead races! " "A porcelain tub with boilin' waddar!" "A Saturday night with the mayor's daughta!"

Never rush into a relationship. Take it slow, become friends and mostly trust one another.

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I reference this line a lot. My favorite is using it to talk about global warming :D -Guardians of the Galaxy