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Top 10 live music venues in Portland, Oregon

Portland's gig venues are an eclectic bunch but Aaron Rayburn and Benjamin Vickery can show you where to rock, pogo, mosh, sway or recline

Top 10 live music venues in Seattle

It's no surprise that the city that gave the world Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana rocks to the beat of great music, and while Seattle's legacy may be grunge, the city's venues leave no musical stone unturned, says Abbey Simmons

Top 10 live music venues in Dorset

Dorset has a wealth of places to hear live music, and you've a good chance of spotting the odd legend strolling around the area, perhaps on holiday, perhaps lost after a heavy after-show party. The editors of Dorset Music Guide pick their top 10 venues

Top 10 live music venues in San Antonio, Texas

The Best Live Music Venues In Europe

Europe brings to mind pining poets, romantic composers and wine-flushed lovers. But the birthplace of Western music is anything but calm and quiet. From ...