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The programme of the Gaia course is focussed mainly on environmental protection, sustainable development and recycling. It is a combination of studies, investigations and presentations and of practical actions. Read more on our website.

How to survive and resist in the Trump era: practical things you can do now

11/11/16. Practical list of actions/volunteer. How to survive and resist in the Trump era: practical things you can do now | US news | The Guardian

"Let's Get to Work: Practical Ways for Writers and Teachers to Get Involved Now" - A list of organizations for anyone who wants to volunteer and take action from Electric Literature

When the United States declared war on Spain in 1898, Professor Campion saw an opportunity for a practical demonstration of his creation's combat capabilities. Aware of Theodore Roosevelt's fascination with the latest technology, Campion wired him to request that Boilerplate be included in Teddy's volunteer unit. Pictured here is Lt. Col. Roosevelt, Boilerplate, and the rough riders.

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To further improve their assistance to #victims of human #trafficking, the #Serbian NGO #ASTRA Anti Trafficking Action tasked two online volunteers with researching and summarizing best practices in the therapeutic treatment of this target group. The volunteers compiled practical guides containing actionable treatment recommendations. #onlinevolunteering #volunteering #volunteers