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Third Planet from the Sun Mouse Pad Decal - WallsNeedLove

David J. Ong Han Yuen. Singapore.NCC .the silent years, the secret life. the love of Christ. "you...

“ americaninfographic: “ Alexander Pohl ” Interesting even though Lunar (Earth Moon) isn’t a planet but if they are going to add it to this why not display all the other moons from each.

Welcome to the space tour of Jupiter's storms. Just as a friendly reminder, we will be dangerously close to the largest, most violent and most powerful natural phenomena in the known universe. So please remember to secure all valuables, wallets, purses, objects with pointy edges and anything else that could be deemed as a deadly weapon when flying through the air during turbulence...

The point where the Sun and Jupiter orbit each other lies miles outside the Sun and is called the barycentre