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Play with natural light. And you get the most romantic/magic/beautiful/rare pictures.

I just think it's a neat photo, because her eye color is so pretty and it looks like one's darker than the other.

among the shadow of a tree | photo by Sarah Loven

Brocken Spectre (Glockenspectre) A rare optic sight, the “Brocken spectre,” which occurs when a person stands at a higher altitude in the mountains and sees his shadow cast on a cloud at a lower altitude. The rainbow is called a glory, the shadow is called the spectre of the brocken, and the white light in the center at the antisolar point is called heiligenschein (holy light).

Ashley is mean on the outside. She seems bitter and cold with a heart of black ice, but in the inside she's just a broken girl. She hides that side of her and pushes it down but it still eats het alive

Emma .•She rolled over and blinked, then froze in surprise.There was no ceiling over her only a bright blue sky. She felt stiff and sore, her skin abraded by the sand.• Cassandra Clare

from Spoon Graphics

32 More Amazing and Inspiring Pieces of Graphic Artwork

Ctephaine Renaldi

Just when he gave up hope and lowered his weary head in total darkness and despair, she came waltzing out of the shadows in the streets at night in a delirious haze of swirling smoke and beaming ethereal lights, holding a saving grace of warm-tinted balloons, each representing a ravenously lovelorn life she cycled through to finally get to him… The face she had would not be seen until they touched one another and fused together within an epic and jolting embrace. Only then would he see…

"Oftentimes we call Life bitter names, but only when we ourselves are bitter and dark. And we deem her empty and unprofitable, but only when the soul goes wandering in desolate places, and the heart is drunken with over mindfulness of self." - Kahlil Gibran