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Las caras de pato no suelen quedar bien... Pero a él le queda todo bien <3

Jungkook during a fansign

My heart wrenches everytime I see this beautiful human

Good fucking god just I'd like to take a moment to appreciate how well this kid turned out.I aspire in every aspect of my being to have puberty hit me as hard as it did him

fykook: “© Divine Treasure | Do not edit. ”

someday i'll see you. but not today. ~ Probably my new favourite JK photo~

This is how Kookie looks after a single Fansign. Good job guys, well done. I'm proud to be an Army!

Fly in the right direction and don't look back {Rose🌹

BTS @ the 2016 Gala Vietnam Top Hits Backstage 160119 | Jungkook

Dear, Big Hit Entertainment, Please stop making BTS wear tight leather pants. Jungkook can have an erection in any minute now.

BTS ~ Jungkook

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