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Maria de Medici, by Frans Pourbus the Younger,1605. Love the hair ornaments!

YOUNG LOUIS XIV ~~ In 1643, seeing that death was at his door, Louis XIII decided to put his affairs in order. Defying custom, which would have made Anne the sole regent, he decreed that a regency council would rule on his son's behalf. His lack of faith in her political abilities was the primary reason. He did, however, make the concession of appointing her head of the Council. Oppositely Louis's relationship with his mother was loving and close until her death from a cancer.

Bechter (Polish/Russian mail and plate shirt) from the Greater Military Museum Branch of the National Museum in Poznan, Poland.

Barbara Radziwiłł (1520 - 1551). Queen of Poland from 1547 until 1551. She was the second wife of Sigismund II. She may have been poisoned by her husband's mother.

Ronald Reagan and the First Family Paper Doll - 1981

Le one who started it all. Madame de Pompadour (1721-1764); mistress, King Louis XV. XV

Elizabeth, Queen of Bohemia, studio of Michiel Jansz. van Mierevelt (c. 1623). National Portrait Gallery. Daughter of James I and Anne of Denmark, Elizabeth married Frederick, Elector Palatine in 1613. She wears the famous Medici Pearls, also known as the Hanover Pearls, six strands joined together in a thick rope. For her active political life see: