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I love science--especially messy, hands-on science. This past year, I wanted to find some more messy, hands-on activities that would allow my students to practice the rules on our Science Safety Contract and get really, really excited about science at the same time. So I tried this activity on Pinterest: GLITTER SLIME (I used white glue. Because I'm cheap and didn't want to buy clear glue. The kids loved it just the same. We also used neon food coloring.) My kids got to practice listening…

"Is It Time to Embrace Pink Slime?" Um. NO. Reason 372 I'm Glad I Don't Eat Meat: Getting to avoid asking myself questions like this.

Sign this petition to stop the nonsense our government plans import chicken products from China for sale in the US market. China has poor food safety even when regulated. Read the article for more information.

Pink Slime Is Just the Beginning A ProPublica roundup of the best investigative reporting on food processing and safety.

First, pink slime. Now, "meat glue". What?? This is just gross! Think I may need to go meat-free soon - at least until I move to France.

Oh pink slime.. this article does have it's facts down. The BIG issue started in 1974 when the FDA deemed it "safe" to add chemicals to our food supply. Stay Healthy Everyone!

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