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We have been looking weekly for buyers agents to work with our progressive real estate team. We have three full timers and would like to expand by two more. Not to use their leads, but to give them leads procured by the Top Santa Clarita realtor team

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This Girl Is On Fire - Mid Century Modern Inspirational Bold original PRINT

On fire for those values that are traditionally "female:" the care of children, family, and community, collaboration, education, healthcare, the environment, non-violent solutions to conflict, etc. To advance these values, we need more women in leadership positions, especially in politics. Don't underestimate the numbers of under-utilized, brilliant and experienced women everywhere in this country. We desperately need a new perspective. Vote with your heart AND mind.

The truth of this election is fraud is being accepted, the legitimacy of someone winning is negated if the votes are hacked, flipped or voters are turned away. Get real, Clintonistas, you are electing a fraud queen. You have become what you once hated.