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There is no better pick-me-up for a room than a fresh coat of paint and a newly re-upholstered chair or sofa. Do NOT think you have to use the same fabric – or color – on all pieces within one seating arrangement. I count at least five gorgeous textiles in this stylish living room and that does not even include the pillows. #reupholster #upholstery Calico Blog! Image:

When picking out upholstery textiles, give some thought to the pattern placement on your piece and discuss this with your upholsterer. Think about centering patterns or stripes on chair backs and seats. #upholstery #iman Calico Blog! Image:

"Do you have a supply closet full of textile remnants, bits and pieces that you just can't bear to part with?" Text: Vera's Blog for Calico Image:

"Ultimately your home should be more than the sum of its parts. It should be a true reflection of who you are, no mater what budget level you are working with. In order to achieve that, even the smallest custom touches can make a world of difference: an heirloom piece reupholstered in the fabric of your choice, a window treatment that perfectly fits the style of your quirky living room, or an eclectic assortment of pillows that is yours and yours alone." Image and text: Vera's Blog for…

Nothing punctuates a room better than a touch of black-and-white. The #BellaDura fabric Summertide in Tuxedo Calico Blog! #stripe Image:

Bold #stripes are a great choice for upholstery items with relatively simple, straight lines. The fabric Galloway Navy in Tile Red Calico Blog! Image:

Have your upholsterer sew widths of black and white cloths together in the perfect proportion for your chair backs and seats. Eye-popping statement guaranteed. #kitchen #upholstery Calico Blog! Image: