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Get rid of your back fat! Our skinny wraps are PERFECT for reducing hard-to-lose back fat. What are you waiting for???

REAL MEN WRAP!!! Tighten, Tone & Firm in just 45 min. with progressive results 72 hours later! The more you wrap the tighter you get! I ♥ IT WORKS!

Now, this isn’t just a VANITY product — the detoxifying and rejuvenating of the skin is really about health! The skin is the largest organ of the body — we should consider skin care as a regular part of being healthy! This product is an incredible one to do that — with a side effect of making your skin look tighter, defining your muscles, and helping you feel better! I have to say I feel better after using the applicator!

REAL Guys Use That Crazy Wrap Thing! Some guys assume that Ultimate Body Applicators aka the “crazy wrap thing“ is only meant for & used by gals. Totally a FALSE assumption. Guys from all over are jumping on the wrap bandwagon and seeing true results for themselves! Click this photo to learn more about the IT WORKS! Ultimate Body Applicator! Feel free to contact me with any questions by commenting below.

This is Feb to now, wrapped and takes Thermofit and fat fighters religiously, eats clean and down 41 lbs! Isn't she awesome!! (Way to go Sara!!)

Getting her summer body back with one wrap at a time!

One of my newer team members. She is super excited about her results! She tightened, toned, firmed and she loves how much better her stretch marks look too!