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SOAKSEED FOR GERMINATION: A mixture designed for soaking and quick germination. It contains Turnip, niger, Hemp, Yellow millet, Radish, White dari, Sorgho, and mung beans

PARAKEET MIXTURE - NO SUNFLOWER Without sunflowers but with all the following - Canary seed, Linseeds, Hemp seeds, White millet, Red millet, Plate millet, Paddy rice, Peeled oats, Wheat, Buckwheat, Red dari, White dari and safflower seeds.

BUDGIE MIXTURE AS390 Ingredients: 9 - Canary seed, White Millet Seed, Red Millet Seed, Yellow Plate Millet Seed, Japanese Millet Seed, Groats, Hempseed, Niger seed & Brown Perilla Seed

BRITISH / GOLDFINCH: A very popular mixture for breeders and feeding wild birds. Ingredients: canary seed, turnip, linseeds, niger, hemp, plate millet, japanese millet, chicory, grass seedds and peeled oats.

CANARY MIX PREMIUM A mixture from Witte Molen with many ingredients such as Canary seed, Turnip, Brown perilla, White perilla, Linseeds, Niger, Hemp, Plate millet, Blue maw, White lettuce, Grass seeds, Peeled oats, Broken oats and red vitamin pellets.

AUSTRALIAN FINCH MIX An excellent mix for all autralian finches. This mix is mainly smaller panicum millets and the it contains Canary seed, White perilla, Niger, Plate millet, Japanese millet, yellow panicum, Red panicum, Peeled oats and red vitamin pellets.

BULLFINCH MIX Bullfinch Mixture Canary Seed, Perilla, Buckwheat, Linseed, Safflower. Jap. Millet, Groats, Juniper Berries, Black Rape, Niger, Yellow Millet, White Millet, Hemp Seed, Wild Seeds, A combination of special seeds to maintain birds in excellent condition. The seed mixture are made up to ensure optimal choice for the bird. The wild seeds in the mixture include Carrot, Grass, Cress, Onion, Radish, Blue Maw.

BREEDERS CHOICE CANARY MIXTURE: This is our avian specific mixture which is a low rapeseed mixture. Contains 10 seeds such as Canary, Perilla, Groats, Linseed, Lettuce, Niger and Hemp to make it perfect for all Canaries.