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Explore Security Issues, Cyber Security and more!

Congrats to Germany and all the other teams who played in the World Cup. Here's some news about cyber security issues that might be of interest to MSPs.

from CNET

Adobe patches critical security bugs in Flash, Reader, Acrobat

The company has released bug fixes for three of its products, all designed to patch critical security holes. Read this blog post by Lance Whitney on Internet & Media. via @CNET

I adore reading Kristen's blogs. They are smart, witty and honest. The adoption story video is a MUST see.

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Five new Facebook privacy tweaks

Facebook just launched a new privacy center that offers even more privacy options, and reintroduces some of the older, lesser-known settings. Find out what they are and how to adjust them. Read this blog post by Sharon Vaknin on How To.

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Organizing Your Life: How to Go Paperless and Add Hours to Your Week

Learn how to go paperless, add more time to your week, and organize your life!| Just a Girl and Her Blog

from Forbes

Facebook Lays Out All Of Its New Targeting Techniques In One Easy-To-Read Blog Post

Facebook already knows who all of your friends are, when you broke up with your last girlfriend/boyfriend and what you did or wish you didn’t do on spring break last year. But Facebook may soon be tracking you at all times.

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How to Improve the Trust Factor of Your Blog

Are you still trying to push consumers to landing pages and force a conversion? Please stop. Times have changed and we should all know that the key to selling anyone on anything is to build trust and credibility, preferably using the pillars of custom