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John Cadigan, a Palo Alto printmaker and artist made a documentary about his schizophrenia, with his sister Katie's help. "People Say I'm Crazy" Event on 8/4/04 in Palo Alto. Chris Hardy / San Francisco Chronicle Photo: Chris Hardy

Bono, arrives at the San Francisco Chronicle to speak to the editorial board, reporters and editors. Deanne Fitzmaurice / San Francisco Chronicle Photo: Deanne Fitzmaurice

Exposed by low tide, a towhead reef live oysters, crucial to the health of bay systems. pokes from Matagorda Bay along the shoreline of Powderhorn Ranch. The "bluff" behind the oysters is covered with part of the 3,500 acres of rare, mature coastal live oak forest found on the 17,300-acre tract slated to become a state park and wildlife managment area. Houston Chronicle photo by Shannon Tompkins

Claudia Martinez poses at UTHealth Medical School. She has had three brain operations for a condition called Chiari Malformation, in which the brain presses on the spinal column. ( Melissa Phillip / Houston Chronicle ) Photo: Melissa Phillip, Staff / © 2014 Houston Chronicle

Certified Trauma-Sensitive Yoga instructor Dallas Adams demonstrates a yoga form at the Menninger Clinic Wednesday, Dec. 2, 2015, in Houston. Adams is part of a multi-disciplinary treatment team at the Menninger Clinic. ( James Nielsen / Houston Chronicle ) Photo: James Nielsen, Staff / © 2015 Houston Chronicle

Name-brand spicesFew can tell the difference in taste between name-brand spices and generic options. Health-food stores (as do some grocery stores) sell them in bulk or vend loose spices. Both are more cost-efficient options. Photo: Brett Coomer / © 2012 Houston Chronicle

Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic Director of Social Services Beverly Lowe, right, speaks with client Marcia Guevarra. The clinic provides free-of-charge alternative medical treatments (acupuncture, massage, etc.) to poor and low-income women who are suffering from later-stage cancer. A rising number of their patients are homeless. San Francisco Chronicle photo by Kim Komenich 1/28/06 Photo: Kim Komenich

Mayor Ed Lee reaffirmed his commitment to the health and welfare of the city’s immigrants in his State of the City speech. Photo: Amy Osborne, Special To The Chronicle

OIL30A-C-16JAN02-FD-DB A glob of hydrogenated oil is held (lard and crisco). (note: this is supposed to look un-appetizing) Chronicle Photo by Darryl Bush Food Styling by Noel Advincula Photo: Darryl Bush, San Francisco Chronicle

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