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24 Easy Ways To Get Your Home Ready For Winter

Bubblor ska vara mot fönstret. Medium till stora isolerar bäst. Dubbel häftade teip om det inte fungerar med vatten (+glycerin) Bubble wrap to help keep you warm

Ice vs Heat - there are always misconceptions pertaining to their usage for muscle and soft tissue injuries. Cold therapy is used immediately following trauma or after stressing an injured area. Heat therapy is used to heal injury through enhanced blood flow to injured tissue. #musclehealing #coldtherapy

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A Simple Heat Experiment

What happens to the drop of food coloring? Does the food coloring behave the same in each of the jars? Why or why not? What is different about the jars? What can you say about the relationship between heat and the movement of molecules? {for older kids}

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Microwavable Hot/Cold Packs…made from corn {Tutorial}

DIY cozy microwavable corn heating bag / cool pack {TUTORIAL}

once with hot water on top, cold on bottom. again with hot water on bottom, cold on top.

Put glowsticks in ice and hot water.  Look at the difference!!!


Hot Chocolate Science

Explore how temperature helps something dissolve with this hand-on STEM experiment, Hot Chocolate Science.

DIY hot/cold packs-----such a really cute and practical idea.would be great hand warmers for in pockets when waiting for bus.

from Mom Foodie

Bubble Wrap as Insulation for Windows

Survival Tip: Use large bubble wrap to insulate old windows during cold winter storms.