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I love this picture because it inspires me to explore and be adventurous. The low sun is inviting and stimulating and makes me want to try something new. The colors compliment the other images nicely and it is on theme.

Ansel Adams - A Example For The Art Call: "Seeing The Land" - Landscape Photography - $7,575 in cash & prizes - Deadline: November 17, 2014 (Midnight EST) -

I am so in love with light airy lifestyle photos, especially newborns

In the hollow halls of my heart his voice echoes "I love you with all I am" and I chase the moving light streaming in.

Color/Texture within photography. The light is beaming through the trees. I like that element. "i love this photo!"

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Poler — hikewhileyoucan: hike while you can

I have an inverter so I can charge my shit in the car. but my mom can never remember the word inverter so she says "unplug your hickey." u need to give me a hickey and I can mess with my mom.

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Noelito Flow

Hi! I'm Crystal. I am daughter of Demeter. I am 15. I have powers, I can grow plants anywhere and wherever I walk flowers trail behind me. I enjoy prancing in the meadows, playing with animals, singing, hanging with my friends, dancing, not having to have shoes, relaxing, having hot cocoa on cold winter days, having green tea, and riding my Pegasus JewelRing. I have lots of friends, Nymphs, Nature Spirits, Demi-gods, and other mystical creatures. Bye gotto go prance with the deer.

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Inspiración: Doble Exposición en Photoshop

"Working with the Shadow is not working with evil, per se. It is working toward the possibility of greater wholeness. We will never experience healing until we can come to love our unlovable places, for they, too, ask love of us." James Hollis (☆ By Antonio Mora ☆)

Beautiful wedding photo with an artistic touch, featuring the wedding couple in silhouette (via Awesome Photography - People and Portraits / shadow)