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The seated twist is said to be extremely relaxing and can be done with a cushion under the...

Seated twist: Allows blood to flow through the digestive tract and by the motion of the twist new blood will enter the digestive system. As the spine twists, you really feel that “wringing out” motion in your abdominals.

10. Seated Inner-Thigh Twist http://www.prevention.com/fitness/yoga-poses-that-boost-emotional-health/10-seated-inner-thigh-twist

Spinal twists are another great way to loosen up your spine and add movement to the joints in your lower back. There are many types of spinal twists, but here are the steps to a seated spinal twist that can easily be adapted for your desk chair.

Yoga Poses for Runners: Seated Spinal Twist. Running is all forward and backward so you're essentially stuck in the same position for however many miles. Twists can help loosen and lengthen the spine, and can ease a stiff neck and shoulders after a long run. #SelfMagazine

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Seated Twist Pose http://blog.freepeople.com/2013/01/yoga-pose-week-seated-twist/

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