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The Gothic Style cottage that follows is a modern day repro- duction of a Victorian-era design from Victorian Cottage Plans, based in Sonoma, California. Clad with board and batten siding, this authentic de- sign features pointed arch windows and intricate bargeboards on the up- per story gables -- all of which are typical of the style.

Tête de canard colvert mâle (photo Thomas Franck, le jardin de l'amateur) ELEVAGE DU CANARD COLVERT L'ENCLOS Nature ‑ Superficie Si vous ne disposez que de quelques mè tres carrés réservés au parcage de vos colverts, renoncez à tout espoir de repro duction....


'\ M f f i \ \ This book has been produced to aid the aspiring artist. Repro- duction of the work for study or finished art is permissible. Any art produced or photomechanically reproduced from this publi- cation for commercial purposes is forbidden without written con- sent from the publisher, Walter Foster Publishing, Inc. © 2005, 2007 Walter Foster Publishing, Inc. (WFP) All rights reserved. Walter Foster is a registered trademark.

Were we happier in the stone age?

'Evolution has no interest in happiness per se: it is interested only in survival and repro­duction, and it uses happiness and misery as mere goads.' Photograph: Philipp Kammerer/Alamy