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Soul Necklace belonging to Wendy Brown, made with moldavite, black diamond, prasiolite, fire opal and amethyst.

Soul Necklace for Erin Mason - solid black opal, iolite, faceted moldavite.

Soul Necklace belonging to Susi Juul-Nyholm, comprising honeycomb jelly opal, sapphire, gold nugget (West Coast NZ).

Soul Necklace belonging to Janet Askew made with amethyst, orange sapphire, blue topaz, and ruby.

Soul necklace made for Ali Haywood (Gore, NZ) set with blue topaz, multi coloured sapphires, sphene amethysts and emerald.

A soul necklace made for Bev Haley (Wanaka, NZ) - set with ametrine, garnet, and amethyst stones.

Soul Necklace made for Rae Davenport (Sefton, NZ), set with peridot, ruby, ametrine, golden sapphires and fire opal.

Soul Necklace for Margaret Ninness - fire opal, sapphires, gold nugget.

Shaktiratana, Trish Reynolds - orange sapphire, amethyst, phene, fire opal, tri-colour tourmaline.