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Chaetanthera ?spathufolia,central cordillera 3-4,000m.

Rhodolphiala rhodolirion (ananuca of the cordillera). Andes 1800-3500m.

Montiopsis umbellata (hierba de chancho) 1500-2400m.

The Andes mountain range is home to the highest peaks in the Americas, with several reaching higher than 6,000m. The highest is Mount Aconcagua, which stands at 6,962 metres high. Image by Flickr - Ninha Morandini.

Cruickshankia, named after the Scottish botanist who first found it for the Europeans. Grows in the central cordillera of the Chilean Andes.

Rhodolphiala rhodolirion (ananuca of the cordillera). Andes 1800-3500m.

Edelweiss chileno, chachacoma, or perezia carthamoides growing happily at 2,500 metres near Santiago.

Mimulus ?Luteus, up to 3,500m by water or damp meadows.

alstromeria flower andes umbellata, or flor de aguila, one of many varieties in the Santiago mountains, the central cordillera.

ananuca or lily of the mountain. Various colours and varieties in the central cordillera in Chile.