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Create Beautiful Maps with MapMaker

Use the free website, Mapmaker, to create maps and practice measuring with a digital ruler.

royal Shakespeare company - measure for measure | via made u THINK ~ Cityhaüs Design

Replacement Windows - How To Measure and Order

How to measure for back splash: Area = length × width (inches), ÷ 144, + areas = square footage

Vintage Amethyst Cocktail Ring Eye catching is an understatement for this impressively large amethyst cocktail ring. We consider that this ring was made around 1970 as a bespoke item. The ring measures 30 x 22mm and the lozenge shaped amethyst has a perfect balance of purple colouration and brightness. The setting and diamond border of the ring is entirley handmade to showcase the stone. Amethyst: 23 carats. Diamond total ( x24) 1.20 carats. Metal tests as 18k yellow and white gold.

Five U.S. lawmakers, including Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), on Thursday published an open letter (pdf) urging President Barack Obama to order an environmental and cultural review of the Dakota Access Pipeline before construction can continue, calling it an imperative measure for Indigenous rights and the climate.

from Unexpected Elegance

How to Read a Tape Measure {for the non-mathematical mind}

Have you ever really learned how to READ A TAPE MEASURE? I have broken it down for you and given you a visual so you don't have to "count the little lines" any more!

How to Measure a Countertop | How to Figure Square Footage | Granite Square Footage