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Do your part to save the Bees.

Haven't you seen 'The Bee Movie'? No Bees= No Plants, which means a lot of problems. Do your part to save the Bees.

Garden ideas: save the bees!

hannah-rosengren: “ Plant These To Help Save Bees: 21 Bee-Friendly Plants. Learn more here! by Hannah Rosengren, ”

Math is amazing

Math and physics have always been my favorite subject to study in school! I can do hours of math or physics and wont ever get tired!

Shit just got real!

soldiers war army motivational on imgfave - If only the governments would let them and the rest of us!

Ten Things You Can Do to Save the Bees

Ten things you can do to help save the bees FYI: "Queen of the Sun" is fantastic!

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He was a human being. Not a monster. That's what's so scary. that human beings are capable of things far worse than our imaginary monsters.

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Importance of Honeybee in Our Food Supply

That picture shows the importance of Honeybee in Our Food Supply. Feel the difference!

moonstonebeginning:  flowersgardenlove:  Bees are responsible Beautiful gorgeous pretty flowers  they are also responsible for 80% of agriculture by pollinating

Please Help Save the Bees & Plant these Wonderful Herbs & Flowers. We need beautiful bees to live & survive. Do your part.